My Brother’s Face

A glaring sun stood over
The heap of demolished home.
The rubble breathed the breath
Of dead and silent stones.
And in the midst of wreckage
One figure stood alone-
One figure stood there weeping,
A little child weeping.
A son of Palestine weeping.
And he was all alone.

He bore a likeness to my brother.
His tears shone in the harsh sun.
His hands were clasped together
As proof that despair had won.
All fear and grief and sorrow,
Became him who was so young.
And in his face I saw my brother-
Little Anthony, my brother.
A child of innocence, my brother,
Wept there in the glaring sun.

The outraged sun burned its fury
In a sky of weeping blue,
As the child wailed in anguish
That his nightmares had come true.
The bleak and desolate desert wind
In despair about him blew-
And all of us were weeping.
For my brother, I was weeping-
For the outrage I was weeping-
And in despairing wonder, weeping
All that I could do
Was touch my brother’s face and whisper,
“What have they done to you?”


21 comments so far

  1. Henry Makow on

    Well done Stephania. It is really compassion that makes us human. Never lose that! Beautiful.

  2. Akanke on

    Beautiful indeed!

  3. John de Nugent on

    T%his poem gave me goosebumps.

    (This line, beginning the last stanza, needs less syllables: “The outraged sun burned its fury.”

    How about:

    “A livid sun burned furiously/”

    A very, VERY good poemn. I really FELT this boy right before me. Bravo, Stefania!

  4. rick on

    Jesus Wept.

  5. Curt Maynard on

    Stefania, that is a beautiful poem. It’s posted at the PC Apostate and I sent it on to Jeff Rense, Mike Rivero and many others. I’m certain they’ll give it the attention it deserves.

    My daughter and I were just talking today about all the fun we had at the Glennhaus. Please tell your mother thank you for the kindness and hospitality she showed Danielle and I.

  6. Ray Goodwin on

    Emotive. Touching. It is wonderful to encounter moving words – they are altogether too rare. Excellent writing, my dear. You have made your subject come alive.
    Well done.
    Ray Goodwin

  7. Hesham Tillawi on

    Stefania, you are an angel of peace. Your work indeed is an important part of the Palestinians struggle for freedom and one day will be part of their history. Keep up the good work.

  8. Sami on

    Thank you very much Stefania. A lovely poem which makes me feel the beauty again.God bless you!

  9. Hassan on

    Thanks for this powerful reminder of the injustices that are being perpetrated by the bullies of the world against the deprived, the weak and the innocent. That weeping child is a Palestinian, an Iraqi and an Afghanistani.

  10. Joe Cortina on

    Stefania – God has given you a talent with words that you must use in this battle against the evil ones. You are wise and understanding beyond your years young lady. That is not a simple compliment – it is an observation of truth. Our Lord will be pleased that you use that skill for goodness. As you know – I am one of the very few that have witnessed the cruelties that you so compassionately phrased here. My heart and mind will enjoy no rest and peace until every innocent soul ravaged by these sadistic monsters has been avenged. God bless and keep you and your family.

  11. Mark Dankof on

    This poem truly articulates the Biblical doctrine of the theology of the Cross—that in the suffering of Jesus, we understand our own suffering and that of others–and are mysteriously drawn closer to God as a result. May the Lord bless you, Stefania, and your wonderful family.

  12. Joe Fields on

    You have a talent for writing that was given to you by God, and you are using that talent for His cause…don’t ever stop or give up.
    God bless you.

  13. Sam Dudic on

    First, thus cried many-many Russian children… then Ukrainian children… From pain, injustice, horror, inability to strike back onto powerful agressor… Thus cried Polish and Baltic children, Volga-German kids, Palestinian children, Hungarian children, Lebanese and Syrian, Egyptian and Iraqi, Afghani and again Iraqi and Lebanese children, and again and again Palestinian ones… And Shaitan’s disciples from Zion are mouthwatering cherishing to grab the children of Iran and Syria and turn them into democratic idiots who are eternally happy and never worry, who worship MTV, Enron, drugs, Coke and Wrigleys, who only cry from joy for Padre Bush (porcocane) and Holy Pax Americana ben Judaica…
    What a shame to the enlightened West who keeps silence and hails orders from the White Mad House !

  14. John de Nugent on

    I just read the other comments above, and decided to add one more:

    I have only briefly met your fine father Mark, Stefania, and so did not know that you are, apparently, one of his daughters.

    You have obviously inherited a great talent. And you are using it!

    My fiancee Margaret and I concur that the imagery is very striking. I put the poem up on a big “thread” on Liberty Forum that she and I are running (11,000 views):

    That is the ultimnate compliment, when people post yor creative work with your name on THEIR sites!

    You will see that I added two photos that I thought would visually complement your already moving words.

    As a former editor myself, I took the liberty of making some tiny punctuation additions, and — I hope you don’t mind much — changed the number of syllables on the first line of the third stanza.

    This poem is so fantastic that you should, on the one hand, NOT disturb its musical flow and heart, but on the other, make sure that it has the right number of syllables to be a smooth read throughout. The first version is not necessarily the last version, as we well know from Goethe, Shakespeare and many others wqho took their great plays and poems and kept going back to them. goehte first wrote his play “Faust,” about a man who sells his soul to the Devil for adventure, money and women, in 1770. He finished his revisions in 1830. Today, it is one of the greatest masterpieces.

    I spend this time because your poem brought real tears to our eyes. Whatever grotesque lies Zionists tell to our minds, such a poem goes around them and straight into our very being. I felt different, changed, after reading your words.

    May God CONTINUE to bless you. He, and we, now have the right to expect great things from yet another Glenn.

    John de Nugent

  15. american on

    Wonderful writing. Keep it up!

  16. Nashid Abdul-Khaaliq on

    Thank you Stephania for this excellent and moving poem. We are in your debt for reminding us that we should not see others who are suffering as strangers. Every suffering man, woman and child should be seen as family and with that view greater love, care and concern for the suffering will be given. May the Creator of the heavens and earth continue to bless you with your wonderful writings. I pray it will touch the hearts of many others as it did mine.


  17. Astraea on

    I am so sorry for the hurt you feel and for the hurt of the Palestinian children and for the suffering of all the other children in the World.

    It is inexpressible yet you have expressed it.

    It is great writing Stephania.

    I am so sorry.

  18. Kyle Hammans on


    You have so beautifully and soulfully expressed such pain and tragedy. We must never forget the true horror of what is and has gone on in the Holy Lands, yet we must also remember the hope and the promise. Thank you for sharing and May God Bless you and Keep you.

  19. Rehmat on

    Well done Stefania – once again.

    Always remember – “The dreams of yesterday are the realities of today and the dreams of today are the realities of tomorrow,” – Imam Hasan Al-Banna (ra)

  20. Helmut Becker on

    Dear Stefania.
    Youa are blessed to have such an emotional power
    with words.Wonderful poem.The victims of every war are always mothers and children.This world is full of cowardice to witness the terrible fate
    the Palestinians or Afghanis or Iraquis are experiencing.Your poem grips one at the heart.
    God Bless you.

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