Visions of Blood

Murdering abortionist, how see you the blood,
As you cut, butcher and slay?
As you sever and slash, forever for cash
You attempt to explain it away…
‘It’s only a fetus, of course, you know,
Not really a human of worth.
The birthing process is painful and slow
And there are too many people on earth.
The choice is yours,’ you say as blood pours
From the wounds of the babe God saw fit to create.
Oh machine of murder, programmed to hate,
Is this how you see the blood?
Virgin Mary, how see you the blood
Of your son as He is nailed to the cross?
He hangs in shame and you feel his pain.
Your tears flow as each blood drop is lost.
Blood pours from each wound cut in flesh so deep,
Blood is spilled with injustice so great,
That you think even the Pharisees with shame will weep,
But they look on with eyes full of hate.
Too great is grief to cry, as red innocence meets your eye.
The anguish that makes your heart bleed is beyond sobs.
Oh beautiful, sorrowful, Mother of God,
Is this how you see the blood?
Child of innocence, how see you the blood
Of a wound whether large or small?
Be there pain or no, flow it fast or slow,
You will weep from fear of it all.
The red seeping out causes innocent tears,
It is fright that outweighs the pain,
Blood is the source of your childish fears,
Ah, from you we have wisdom to gain.
The mere sight of red you abhor and dread,
For you are human, untainted and true
Oh, little child whom pureness shines through,
Is this how you see the blood?
Heart of compassion, how see you the blood
That the evil take from the just?
If blood must spill–as indeed it will,
From the cursed let it flow as it must.
Oh, why should the innocent suffer and die?
It is they who bleed the most,
While the evil that kill them deceive and lie
And of imagined righteousness boast.
You feel the pain as lifeblood drains
From the good of the world and leaves it dark
Heart filled with compassion(the human mark)
Is this how you see the blood?
Child of America, how see you the blood
That spills from the unjustly maimed?
Do you see the flood of innocent blood
Like that of your video games?
Is blood really for you some kind of play?
Is it really so much of a joke,
That you didn’t give a thought as to taking away
Someone’s life with a club and one stroke?
Is it that you don’t see that blood is not free?
That it is not like the gore of a cheap Hollywood film?
Oh, pitiful child, being trained to kill,
Is this how you see the blood?
Soldier of ignorance, how see you the blood
That you once were so eager to take?
The blood that you now loathe is soaked through your clothes
And no water can make it forsake.
Your nights are haunted by ghosts red, not white
Through eyelids closed you see
That the reasons for which you were told you would fight
Are not what they now seem to be.
‘But why would they lie?’ you wonder and try
To make sense of insanity with each passing breath.
Oh, ignorant soldier, now wishing for death,
Is this how you see the blood?
Father and mother, how see you the blood
Of your child, a model of you?
As you gasp and cry you wonder why
Your babe must be made to go through
This horrible pain, this inhuman crime
Committed by some heartless beast
Who views human life as less than a dime
And a hindrance to them at the least.
The blood is your own, the life is your throne.
You will live and relive this torturous day.
Father and mother, titles now stolen away
Is this how you see the blood?
Soldier of Israel, how see you the blood
That the Palestinians bleed?
You mangle and cut and practically gut
As commands your hellish creed.
As if you can’t be satisfied with killing
And adding more grief to that bottomless flood,
You have to invent new ways of spilling
And strengthening the flow of innocent blood.
Do you see bloodshed as fun? Have you compassion none?
You have killed the innocents and your humanity too
Son of the devil, as Christ himself called you,
Is this how you see the blood?
And now I ask you: How see you the blood?
Are you human, or are you a beast?
Do you weep and mourn as it seeps through flesh torn?
Or like vampires on blood do you feast?
Does the blood of innocents enrage your own?
Or are you indifferent to the suffering of others?
Is their pain yours? With them do you moan?
Is your compassion so great that it smothers?
Or have you stunted the growth of heart and humanity both
So that you may without anguish ponder bloodshed?
Oh, the blood, blood! the horrors of red!
Through what eyes do you see the blood?
c 2006 by Stefania Glenn


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  1. Steve in Vista on

    From Mary Meehan’s “The Road to Abortion” Copyright © 1998, 1999 & 2002 by Mary Meehan.

    In 1966 Dr. Alan Guttmacher, apparently trying to be witty, wrote from Africa to a U.S. colleague: “My trip has been great. I believe I converted the Jews in Israel and now I am working on the pigmented savages.” This private comment from Guttmacher (who was Jewish, but not observant) came soon after his Planned Parenthood group gave an award to the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.(32)

    32. William H. Draper, Jr., to P. A. Gorman, [8 or 11] Sept. 1967, Guttmacher Papers; Alan F. Guttmacher to Frank Notestein, 13 June 1966, PPFA (II), box 125; and Congressional Record (10 May 1966), vol. 112, part 8, 10164-10165. In his statement accepting the Margaret Sanger Award, Dr. King praised Sanger and family planning and spoke of “the modern plague of overpopulation.” Unfortunately, he seemed unaware of the eugenics connections of Sanger [she wanted to commit eugenicide against all black people in the world and kill them all] and of population control in general. Ibid.

    “he seemed unaware of the eugenics connections of Sanger” he was. Dr. King preached his whole life against abortion, though he did support non-abortifacient birth control which I don’t agree with. I don’t agree with any birth control other than the rhythm method.

    The point here, however, is that Guttmacher did more than any other person to cause the abomination of abortion to come about. Guttmacher, the Jew, did this and thereby helped the Jews drink the river of blood they predicted they would 50 years before.

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