Bridges of Justice

American and a Christian I am supposed to support and bow down to the authors of the crime that is pictured above.
CRIME! What sort of word is that to describe this act? What sort of word can properly describe the horrific injustice wrought against that innocent branch of God’s creation? Is this a display of the justice for which my country is supposed to be famous?
I am a Christian American, and as a result of that my duty is to serve God and my country to the best of my ability. If serving God means that I turn away from the liars who claim to speak in God’s name but who support the horrors like the one shown above, then so be it. If serving my country means to fight against the injustices that my country encourages, then so be it. I am loyal to God, not to the people who assume that they are doing the will of God, but who instead are doing the will of their father, the devil. I am loyal to my country, not to the criminals who control it. I am loyal to justice and I refuse to sit quietly while other innocent people suffer and die because of a few greedy people and the lazy indifference of others.
Injustice makes a hell on earth for so many people. Just look at the picture above. Think of how many things would change if we restored justice. And it wouldn’t only change things for this life, it would make it easier to get to eternal happiness in the next life as well. Justice would make earth more like heaven than like Hell, as it presently is. It would bridge the gap between heaven and earth so that passing from this life to heaven would not be so difficult. There would not be such a deep, wide chasm through which to pass, but instead a bridge. A beautiful bridge of justice. It will be built, and I will help to build it.
Stefania Glenn


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